Virginia Beach, Virginia 23464 - 4409

Monthly Meeting
10:00AM Saturday
March 11th,2017
Level Green
Fellowship Church

 Current Officers

                                       President:                                                             Mary McFadden

                                   Vice-President:                                                  Eric Carey
                                   2nd Vice-President:                                           Bob Heard 

                                   Secretary:                                                             Octavia Banks

                                   Financial Secretary:                                           Adesola Osibogun

                                   Treasurer:                                                            Pam Murr

 The Level Green Civic League is an organization dedicated to bringing together the residents of our community and forming a strong alliance to enhance our living conditions by maintaining a clean  and crime free community.  This can only be accomplished by working hand-in-hand with our neighbors and our city government.  Since its formation, one thing that has remained constant for the civic league is the care and concern for Level Green. Some of the  issues that the current board addresses are the same issues that people cared about when the civic league was formed in 1994.  The preservation of the community‚Äôs integrity, the improvement of the community and providing annual events for neighbors to attend are all  goals to which the civic league aspires. May we be blessed with perseverance and insight to continue the important work of being a community of neighbors caring for neighbors.


Bill Olsen

Updated 1/17/2017

  Phone: 757.961.4980  Fax: 757.961.3127

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