Standing Committees   

Nominating     Chair:  VACANT

Nominations for the Level Green Civic League officers shall be made by the Nominating Committee. Nominations from the floor maybe made with the nominees consent during the October election meeting.

Newsletter     Chair:   Bob Heard

The Newsletter Committee will collect newsworthy and informational articles from various sources which would prove beneficial to the Level Green Community. They will also be responsible for obtaining photos of community events and gatherings. Subject articles and photos shall be forwarded to the web master for publishing to the web site.

Community Action    Chair:  Mary McFadden

The Community Action Committee is responsible for LGCL participation in community activities such as special events, to include Adopt A Street Program, FDIP, Neighborhood Clean Up events, Voter Registration Drives, school and other events and efforts identified as "Community Activities".

Audit    Chair:   T B A

There shall be an Audit Committee consisting of not less than two persons who are members of the LGCL but not members of the Board of Directors. The audit committee shall be appointed by the President at the expiration of the term of office of the Treasurer and such committee may be appointed at any other time, to examine the books and accounts of the Treasurer and report to the Board of Directors of the League.

Web Page     Chair:  Bill Olsen (From Afar)

The Web Page committee is responsible for developing and maintaining a professional web site. It shall be maintained as to reflect current events and status of the Level Green Civic League and community.

Neighborhood Watch    Chair:  Octavia Banks

The Neighborhood Watch Committee shall coordinate the efforts of the individual block captains in conjunction with  city representatives to develop and maintain an effective and persistent presence for the purpose of insuring community security and safety.

Beautification & Maintenance    Chair:     Libby Morrison

 The Beautification Committee shall coordinate the neighborhood clean-up activities in accordance with the Virginia Beach City "Adopt A  Street" provisions and provide horticultural information  to the residents. The committee shall serve as liaison with city  agencies concerning the appearance and  improvement of  public spaces within Level Green.

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