Who Are We? School teachers, city workers, retirees, parents and grandparents, military, military retirees, and students.   We are your neighbors.  People like you!

What is a Civic League?  A Civic League is a group of volunteers who care about their neighborhood.  LGCL was formed in 1994 out of a concern to make Level Green a cleaner, safer place to live.

Why do we exist?  To make Level Green a better community in which to live!

What do we do?  Conduct monthly community clean-ups.  Promote Neighborhood Watch programs.  Share issues and concerns with city officials.  Partner with College Park Elementary School.  Active member of VA Beach Council of Civic Organizations.

Some past accomplishments... Public Safety Station at 7-11.  Donations to Kempsville Rescue Squad and to Fire victims.  Improvements to the Level Green Neighborhood Park.  Successfully lobbied the city to clean-up parts of canal in Sept 2005 and 2008. Conducted Annual Family Day In the Park events for the past 3 years.

How do we make our needs known?  We contact the City Council or our Councilman.  We have direct points-of-contact in the police department.  We have direct points-of-contact in Code Enforcement.  We contact specific departments for other city services.  We contact the Virginian-Pilot.  We write letters and make phone calls.

We normally meet on the second Saturday  in January, March, May, June and October
at 10:00 AM at the Level Green Fellowship Church located on Level Green Boulevard.
Signs announcing the meetings are placed along Level Green Boulevard three days
before the meeting as a reminder.  We welcome the opportunity to explain more about
YOUR civic league,  our activities, and how you can help make Level Green a better place to live.



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